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Director’s Message

12 April 2011 Featured Posts 61,928 views No CommentPrint This Post Print This Post

It is truly an honour to write this welcome message each year. It is an honour because I am so proud and privileged to be a part of the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute. I am also thrilled to be a part of the healthy active living promotion sector in Canada – an incredible group of individuals and organizations working everyday to improve the health and wellness of Canadian children and their families.

As we present our seventh annual report, it is worth reflecting on our people and achievements – where we were and where we are now. In 2007 HALO

  • consisted of 2 full-time equivalents; and we are 16 today
  • had 2 graduate students; today we have 12
  • had no website; in 2013 we had >230,000 hits with 129,000 webpages and 11,000 visitors per month
  • had $567,674 in funding; in 2013 it was $1,330,457
  • had 30 peer-reviewed publications and 12 published abstracts; this year we had 74 peer-reviewed publications and 36 published abstracts
  • delivered 40 scholarly presentations; this year we delivered 102 in 11 countries.

In our first 7 years we have secured $8,402,466 in research funding, published 342 papers and delivered 696 academic, scholarly, and professional presentations around the world. In our short history we have become recognized within Canada and internationally as a centre of excellence for the study of healthy active living and obesity in the pediatric population. The collective impact of our work is indeed something to be proud of and celebrate!

Through research, leadership, knowledge translation, partnerships, training and education, and advocacy HALO continues to promote and preserve healthy active lifestyles while managing and treating childhood inactivity and obesity. The contributions of HALO in pursuing its mission in 2013 were the most substantial to date. The size and scope of HALO’s activities have increased significantly and continuously throughout its 7-year existence. Please read through this annual report for highlights and details of our accomplishments in 2013 and visit our website (www.haloresearch.ca) to keep abreast of our work and contributions.

HALO remains indebted to the donors, contributors, researchers, stakeholders and partners, who fund, facilitate, support and synergize our efforts. To all of you, please accept our most sincere thanks.

This Annual Report provides a catalogue of the activities and accomplishments made by HALO in 2013 and is intended to inform partners, stakeholders, funders, potential students and staff, and other interested parties about our group. It is available in print form upon request and also on our website at www.haloresearch.ca.

Whether you derive inspiration from the solitude of a walk through freshly fallen snow, the warmth of the sun as you dry yourself off after a lake swim, the pure joy of active free play with your family or friends, or the amazing feats of the athletes in the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics, I encourage you to harness this inspiration, share it, embrace it, and welcome it as an important member of your behavioural family. Best wishes for a healthy, active 2014.

Best wishes for a healthy, active 2014.

Dr. Mark Tremblay
Director, Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO), CHEO-RI
Professor/Scientist, Department of Pediatrics,University of Ottawa
Chief Scientific Officer, Active Healthy KidsCanada

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