HALO’s own Hélène Sinclair has been involved with Women Living Fully, a community of active, vibrant and caring women rediscovering who they are and what matters most in their lives. Each week, Women Living Fully puts the spotlight on women within their community who are striving to live fully. This week, Hélène Sinclair was selected as Woman of the Week and an interview with Hélène was posted on PierretteRaymond.com.

From the interview:

Helene Sinclair is a woman who has lived through so much and now, has made the decision to live life fully on her terms. Having been through a divorce, having lost her home to bankruptcy, raised her daughters as a single mother, she is now putting herself first and is loving it. She is giving back in many ways, offering to coach and guide others when it comes to health and wellness and she is also a voice to those who do not believe in themselves. She is moving forward and living life fully, and is this week’s Woman of the Week.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Congrats, Hélène!