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Prenatal Physical Activity and Diet Composition Affect the Expression of Nutrient Transporters and mTOR Signaling Molecules in the Human Placenta
Posted in Publications on 18 December 2014
Stats: 99 views and No Comments PhD student Kendra Brett is lead author on a paper, “Prenatal physical activity and diet composition affect the expression of nutrient transporters and mTOR signaling molecules in the human placenta,” that was recently published in Placenta. Citation details and a summary of the paper are below. K.E. Brett, Z.M. Ferraro,… [read more]
Mark Tremblay Advisor for New Kids’ CBC Program
Posted in Featured Posts, Media Coverage on 17 December 2014
Stats: 171 views and No Comments With Canada lagging globally when it comes to meeting guidelines for kids’ overall physical activity and limiting sedentary behavior, Kids’ CBC aims to inspire healthy change in the way Canadian children and their families move through their daily lives with The Moblees, a new live-action interactive musical adventure series for… [read more]
Jennifer Ham Gets UROP Award to Work at HALO
Posted in Awards on 16 December 2014
Stats: 101 views and No Comments University of Ottawa student Jennifer Ham was just awarded an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grant to work with Drs. Pat Longmuir and Mark Tremblay in the HALO group at the CHEO Research Institute. Jennifer’s research experience will involve assisting with a systematic review of the type and prevalence of mental… [read more]
HALO Researchers Part of New Bariatric Team Grant
Posted in Grants on 15 December 2014
Stats: 115 views and No Comments The Canadian Institutes of Health Research just announced the results of the Team Grant in Bariatric Care competition, and with leadership from Dr. Geoff Ball at the University of Alberta the application titled “Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children (Team ABC3)” was ranked #1 in the competition and… [read more]
The Development of the Canadian 24 Hour Movement Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth
Posted in Events, Featured Posts, Guidelines on 12 December 2014
Stats: 321 views and No Comments The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), in partnership with HALO, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Conference Board of Canada are leading the development of the Canadian 24 Hour Movement Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth. Twenty-nine researchers and knowledge users came from all corners of the… [read more]
Diabetes Risk Increased Between Spouses
Posted in Publications on 11 December 2014
Stats: 262 views and No Comments Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput authored a commentary, “Diabetes risk increased between spouses,” that was recently published in Evidence-Based Nursing. Citation details are below along with a link to the full commentary. Chaput JP. Diabetes risk increased between spouses. Evid Based Nurs doi:10.1136/eb-2014-101784 Click here to read the commentary in full for… [read more]
HALOites Attend CHEO’s Annual Winter Gala
Posted in Events, Featured Posts on 10 December 2014
Stats: 298 views and No Comments On Saturday December 6th, CHEO held its annual Winter Gala at the Hilton Garden Inn. This year’s event was attended by over 185 CHEO staff and guests. Thanks to Anik Lévesque, Administrative Assistant with Immune Deficiency and Infection Prevention and Control and Staff Forum Chair and HALO’s administrative assistant, Hélène… [read more]
Importance of All Movement Behaviors in a 24 Hour Period for Overall Health
Posted in Publications on 8 December 2014
Stats: 218 views and No Comments Drs. Jean-Philippe Chaput, Val Carson, Casey Gray and Mark Tremblay are co-authors on a paper, “Importance of All Movement Behaviors in a 24 Hour Period for Overall Health,” that was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Citation details and a summary of the paper… [read more]
Dr. Kristi Adamo Discusses the Maternal Obesity Hypothesis in The Globe and Mail
Posted in Media Coverage on 5 December 2014
Stats: 407 views and No Comments Last Sunday, The Globe and Mail ran a story, “The maternal obesity hypothesis: How a mother’s health, before and during pregnancy, can affect her child’s weight,” that included comments from HALO’s own Dr. Kristi Adamo. From the story: In a controversial paper titled “The Childhood Obesity Epidemic as a Result… [read more]
Mark Tremblay Makes Invited Presentation in Calgary
Posted in Presentations on 4 December 2014
Stats: 212 views and No Comments HALO Director Mark Tremblay gave an invited presentation titled “Understanding the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults” at the Conference Board of Canada’s Meeting for the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness in Calgary on November 28.… [read more]