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Dr. Kristi Adamo Receives Young Investigator Award at 2015 CSEP Annual Meeting

Dr. Kristi Adamo was awarded the 2015 Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Young Investigator Award at the annual meeting  in Hamilton last week.  This award is presented annually to an outstanding CSEP member acknowledged to have an excellent reputation throughout Canada and to have achieved notable international recognition within 10 years of earning their MD or PhD degree. Dr. Adamo, who was nominated by her colleagues at HALO,  is the first ever female recipient of this award and joins a phenomenal group of Canadian researchers who have made significant contributions to their fields of study.  Dr. Adamo was given...

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In the News: Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Study Shows Daycare Providers How to be Creative with Small Spaces to Promote Physical Activity

CBC News ran a story yesterday, “Preschoolers’ playtime needs to be more active,” that profiles Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research, which aims to get preschoolers at daycare more physically active. From the story: Scientist Kristi Adamo at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has been providing daycares with a physical activity curriculum and resources. She’s running a randomized trial to compare how training early childhood educators alone, or both the instructors and the parents, could increase kids’ physical activity compared with the standard curriculum. The goal is to get at least 180 minutes a day of activity. “Children enjoy being active. The issue is getting daycare providers to change their behaviour,” Adamo said. Traditionally, the preschool curriculum focuses on reading, writing and arithmetic. “What we have been trying to do is to show them how to use a small space and to be creative with that space and to engage the kids in physical activity,” Adamo said. Click here to read the story in...

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Graduate School Opportunities Available in Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Lab

Are you interested in the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease? Would a graduate school experience in a dynamic multi-disciplinary environment be of interest to you? Do you have a strong academic background in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or health sciences with lab experience? Would you be competitive for internal or external scholarship awards? Spaces are available...

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Dr. Kristi Adamo Discusses the Maternal Obesity Hypothesis in The Globe and Mail

Last Sunday, The Globe and Mail ran a story, “The maternal obesity hypothesis: How a mother’s health, before and during pregnancy, can affect her child’s weight,” that included comments from HALO’s own Dr. Kristi Adamo. From the story: In a controversial paper titled “The Childhood Obesity Epidemic as a Result of Nongenetic Evolution: The Maternal Resources Hypothesis” published in November in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, a peer-reviewed clinical journal, Dr. Edward Archer, of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, suggests childhood obesity begins with mothers, well before conception. The university publicized the paper with a sensationalized sell line: “Novel theory connects mothers to childhood obesity: Evolution is the cause, and moms are the cure.” […] …while Dr. Kristi Adamo, a research scientist immersed in epigenetics at the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Ottawa, agrees with much of Archer’s paper, she says the idea of putting the spotlight on teen girls is “absolutely not realistic.” “When you first get your period, that is not what you’re thinking about. I’m pretty sure most girls in their teenage years are thinking about not getting pregnant,” she says. Click here to read the story in full for...

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About HALO

The Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) was established in 2007 in response to the escalating obesity crisis and the increasing complexity of related co-morbidities. Today the HALO team consists of 17 staff (including 5 researchers), a childhood obesity clinical team (Centre for Healthy Active Living), 16 graduate students, trainees, undergraduate students, and many community volunteers. Since its inception in 2007, HALO has received over $14.5 million in research funding; produced more than 600 peer-reviewed publications; has given more than 1050 scholarly presentations locally, nationally and internationally; and secured more than 1.5 billion media impressions!

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