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Posted in on 14 May 2011
Stats: 70,549 views and No Comments ...ts and staff (some of which may have occurred outside of HALO) this report includes all publications from 2014. Adamo KB, Shen GX, Motolla M, Nascimento S, Jean-Phillippe S, Ferraro ZM, Nerenberg K, Smith G, Chari R, Gaudet L, Piccinini-Vallis H, McDonald S, Atkinson S, Godbout A, Robitaille J, Davidge ST, Gruslin A, Prud’homme D, Stacey D, Rossiter M, Goldfield GS, Dodd J. Obesity prevention from conception: A workshop to guide the development o...
Dr. Kristi Adamo
Posted in on 15 May 2011
Stats: 19,883 views and 49 Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo Affiliate Investigator Research Profile Education, Credentials, Academic appointments MSc Faculty of Human Biology & Nutritional Sciences; University of Guelph Visiting scholar- Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre & August Krogh Institute, Denmark (1997) PhD Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa Visiting scholar – Joslin Diabetes Centre- Harvard Medical School (2005) Can...
Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Featured in Today’s Parent
Posted in Media Coverage on 22 August 2014
Stats: 733 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research on gestational weight gain was featured in a story, “Pregnancy weight gain: How much is normal?,” that was recently published in Today’s Parent. From the story: Kristi Adamo, the paper’s lead author, a professor of paediatrics and a research scientist with the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Ottawa, expl...
In the News: Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Study Shows Daycare Providers How to be Creative with Small Spaces to Promote Physical Activity
Posted in Media Coverage on 19 May 2015
Stats: 344 views and No Comments ...a story yesterday, “Preschoolers’ playtime needs to be more active,” that profiles Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research, which aims to get preschoolers at daycare more physically active. From the story: Scientist Kristi Adamo at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has been providing daycares with a physical activity curriculum and resources. She’s running a randomized trial to compare how training early childhood edu...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed by CTV About Her Maternal Obesity Management (MOM) Study
Posted in Media Coverage on 6 March 2013
Stats: 2,632 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo was interviewed by CTV Ottawa News yesterday about her maternal obesity management (MOM) study that looks at the impact of too much weight gain during pregancy on the health of the baby. From the article: [Dr. Adamo] says women who gain too much weight during pregnancy are at risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. And now her study shows an apparent link between the mom’s weight gain and the baby’s risk for...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed on CBC News About Higher Levels of Obesity in Children Attending Daycare
Posted in Media Coverage on 21 November 2012
Stats: 1,129 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo (Research Scientist) was recently interviewed by CBC News for an article titled, “Obesity odds may be higher for children in daycare“. The article discusses a new research study, which reports higher levels of obesity among children attending daycare. From the article: All daycares aren’t created equal when it comes to nutritional quality and physical activity, said Kristi Adamo, a research scientist at the Chi...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed on CBC About the Relationship Between Working Late in Pregnancy and Birth Weight
Posted in Media Coverage on 1 August 2012
Stats: 1,337 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo (Research Scientist) provided a commentary yesterday to CBC news on a recent paper on how working late in pregnancy may be related to subsequent birth weight.  From the article: Babies born to women who work later in pregnancy tend to be lighter than those whose mothers quit sooner, say researchers who compared the effect to smoking. … “In my opinion, healthful maternal behaviours trump all else,” Adamo said. &...
Dr. Kristi Adamo a Canadian Faculty Member at the International Graduate Course in Clinical and Exercise Physiology
Posted in Events, Presentations on 7 November 2011
Stats: 5,808 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo was one of the Canadian faculty members at the International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology held at Auberge Duchesnay in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec.  This 1-week intensive advanced graduate-level course (view syllabus) brings together faculty and students from Canadian and European Universities focusing on topics in exercise and clinical physiology. This integrative research-based course c...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Receives Two CIHR Grants
Posted in Grants on 31 January 2012
Stats: 2,267 views and No Comments Dr. Kristi Adamo, a Research Scientist with HALO, was successful in two recent CIHR grant competitions. Details of the funded grants are below: Activity Begins in Childhood- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers Principal Investigator: Kristi Adamo Co-investigators: Gary Goldfield, Rachel Colley, PJ Naylor (Victoria), Vivienne Temple (Victoria), Nick Barrowman Operating Grant: Inst of Nutrition, Metabo...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Awarded 1 of 2 W. Garfield Weston Foundation Awards
Posted in Awards on 25 July 2014
Stats: 890 views and No Comments Congratulations to Dr. Kristi Adamo who, along with CHEO Research Institute Scientist Dr. Martin Holcik, were recently awarded one of two 2014 W. Garfield Weston Foundation Awards in Obesity and Reproductive Health. The project title is, “The effects of obesity on placental gene expression and fetal growth” and the objective is to explore maternal gene expression patterns in the placenta in pregnancies complicated by obesity. Drs. Ad...