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Posted in on 14 May 2011
Stats: 74,854 views and No Comments ...betes Research and Innovations in Canada (Winnipeg, Canada), 2014. Adamo KB. Power of Prevention in the Early Years- the role of active living. University of British Columbia, School of Kinesiology (Vancouver, Canada), 2014. Adamo KB. Can we halt the intergenerational cycle of obesity? Sherbrooke-Ottawa- Montreal Emerging Team Research Rounds (Ottawa, Canada), 2014. Adamo KB. The intergenerational Cycle of Obesity – Why we Should be...
Dr. Kristi Adamo
Posted in on 15 May 2011
Stats: 20,558 views and 49 Comments S, Doucet E. Appetite signaling proteins, glucose and appetite sensations in obese adolescents with subclinical binge eating disorder. ISRN Obesity 2014 Mar 11;2014:312826. PMID: 25006530 Ferraro ZM, Chaput JP, Gruslin A, Adamo KB. The potential value of sleep hygiene for a healthy pregnancy: a brief review. ISRN Family Medicine 2014 Feb 17;2014:928293 PMID:24967333 Adamo KB, Goldfield GS, Colapinto C, Harvey A, Grattan K, Barrowman N....
Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Featured in Today’s Parent
Posted in Media Coverage on 22 August 2014
Stats: 763 views and No Comments ...ght by preschool. They’re also more likely to remain overweight by age 12, which puts them at risk of struggling with their weight into adulthood. It’s with an eye to helping the next generation avoid this uphill battle that Adamo and her colleagues have been working on a set of custom tools designed to help pregnant women chart a healthier course. While one of those will help guide doctors through conversations with expectant moms on healthy...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Receives Young Investigator Award at 2015 CSEP Annual Meeting
Posted in Awards, Featured Posts on 21 October 2015
Stats: 517 views and No Comments ...Adamo, who was nominated by her colleagues at HALO, is the first ever female recipient of this award and joins a phenomenal group of Canadian researchers who have made significant contributions to their fields of study. Dr. Adamo was given the opportunity to present an overview of her research program entitled: “Are the early years the key to long term health?” Dr. Adamo had this to say about the award: I am incredibly grateful to...
In the News: Dr. Kristi Adamo’s Research Study Shows Daycare Providers How to be Creative with Small Spaces to Promote Physical Activity
Posted in Media Coverage on 19 May 2015
Stats: 391 views and No Comments ...physical activity compared with the standard curriculum. The goal is to get at least 180 minutes a day of activity. “Children enjoy being active. The issue is getting daycare providers to change their behaviour,” Adamo said. Traditionally, the preschool curriculum focuses on reading, writing and arithmetic. “What we have been trying to do is to show them how to use a small space and to be creative with that space and to engage...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed by CTV About Her Maternal Obesity Management (MOM) Study
Posted in Media Coverage on 6 March 2013
Stats: 2,698 views and No Comments .... Kristi Adamo was interviewed by CTV Ottawa News yesterday about her maternal obesity management (MOM) study that looks at the impact of too much weight gain during pregancy on the health of the baby. From the article: [Dr. Adamo] says women who gain too much weight during pregnancy are at risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. And now her study shows an apparent link between the mom’s weight gain and the baby’s risk for...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed on CBC News About Higher Levels of Obesity in Children Attending Daycare
Posted in Media Coverage on 21 November 2012
Stats: 1,157 views and No Comments ...a new research study, which reports higher levels of obesity among children attending daycare. From the article: All daycares aren’t created equal when it comes to nutritional quality and physical activity, said Kristi Adamo, a research scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute who studies factors leading to child obesity. Quebec subsidizes child care. In other provinces, parents may have limited...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Interviewed on CBC About the Relationship Between Working Late in Pregnancy and Birth Weight
Posted in Media Coverage on 1 August 2012
Stats: 1,357 views and No Comments ...omen who work later in pregnancy tend to be lighter than those whose mothers quit sooner, say researchers who compared the effect to smoking. … “In my opinion, healthful maternal behaviours trump all else,” Adamo said. “If you continue to work while engaging in a healthy lifestyle there is likely not a problem, however, if one’s work environment is not conducive to overall physical and mental well-being, than...
Dr. Kristi Adamo a Canadian Faculty Member at the International Graduate Course in Clinical and Exercise Physiology
Posted in Events, Presentations on 7 November 2011
Stats: 5,847 views and No Comments ...pect of the course facilitates diverse exchange of research perspectives, themes and experimental approaches. The lecture topics and discussion format is intended to maximize student-student and student-faculty exchange. Dr. Adamo was asked to specifically address “Metabolic Studies in Pediatric and Maternal Obesity” and during the “Training Approaches- Training Responses” Round Table, she lead a debate related to early...
Dr. Kristi Adamo Receives Two CIHR Grants
Posted in Grants on 31 January 2012
Stats: 2,362 views and No Comments ...ul in two recent CIHR grant competitions. Details of the funded grants are below: Activity Begins in Childhood- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers Principal Investigator: Kristi Adamo Co-investigators: Gary Goldfield, Rachel Colley, PJ Naylor (Victoria), Vivienne Temple (Victoria), Nick Barrowman Operating Grant: Inst of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Bridge Funding It is known that today’s...