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HALO Systematic Review Featured on the Scope Medical Blog
Posted in Media Coverage on 28 September 2011
Stats: 1,146 views and No Comments The Scope medical blog, published by the Stanford School of Medicine, ran an article yesterday discussing the world’s first systematic review of sedentary behaviour and health in school-aged children. Featured in the article was HALO PhD student Travis Saunders, a co-author on the systematic review along with fellow HALO researchers Mark Tremblay, Allana LeBlanc, Richard Larouche, Rachel Colley and Gary Goldfield. From the article: In a post tod...
Stacey Alpous Guest Blogs about Physical Literacy for ParticipACTION
Posted in Publications on 24 September 2015
Stats: 123 views and No Comments HALO Research Coordinator Stacey Alpous wrote a guest blog post, “Physical Literacy: A journey, not a destination,” that was published yesterday on ParticipACTION’s blog. In the post, Stacey explains that physical literacy provides children with the building blocks to be physically active. Click here to read the entire post....
Dr. Rachel Colley Publishes New Paper on Daily Step Count Target
Posted in Publications on 7 November 2011
Stats: 1,127 views and No Comments ...Physical Activity Guidelines in Children.” Dr. Mark Tremblay was also an author on the paper. Influential blogger, Arya Sharma, discussed the paper today on his blog. His blog post can be read here. Citation details for the paper are below: Colley RC, Janssen I, Tremblay MS. Daily Step Target to Measure Adherence to Physical Activity Guidelines in Children. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Nov 2. [Epub ahead of print] PURPOSE: There is a lack of...
The Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children: Team ABC3
Posted in Partnerships on 11 May 2015
Stats: 444 views and No Comments ...g their time and expertise to 6 of these studies, which will make a great impact to the team. Overall, this research will add valuable pieces to the puzzle and help health care professionals from across the country provide the best care possible for Canadian children with severe obesity and their families. To find out more or to stay up to date with the progress of Team ABC3, be sure to follow their blog at
Media Coverage for the 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth
Posted in 2014 Physical Activity Report Card, Media Coverage on 23 May 2014
Stats: 10,097 views and No Comments Globe and Mail article – By Dave McGinn – Elio and Mark are quoted (A6,A7 – attached) – Homepage – Homepage – Interview with Mark Tremblay – NewsTalk 650 – Interview with Elio 640Toronto.c...
Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput’s Research in La Presse
Posted in Media Coverage, Publications on 14 June 2011
Stats: 1,120 views and No Comments ...for obesity prevention. To read the article (in French), please click here. The study is also discussed on the blog, Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes. The full citation to Dr. Chaput’s study is: Chaput JP, Després JP, Bouchard C, Tremblay A (2011). Longer sleep duration associates with lower adiposity gain in adult short sleepers. Int J Obes (Lond). Jun 7. doi: 10.1038/ijo.2011.110. [Epub ahead of print]. ABSTRACT: The objective of this lo...
Zach Ferraro Successfully Defends His Doctoral Dissertation
Posted in Announcements on 30 April 2012
Stats: 2,255 views and No Comments ...Kristi Adamo and Denis Prud-Homme. Zach’s dissertation is being nominated for a University of Ottawa PhD thesis award. There are 3 awards given to students from the entire university each year and they are as follows: Governor general’s gold medals Pierre Laberge prize Joseph De Koninck prize Congratulations, Dr. Ferraro! Note: For more details about Zach’s research, please read this post on Travis Saunder’s blog....