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HALO Systematic Review Featured on the Scope Medical Blog
Posted in Media Coverage on 28 September 2011
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The Scope medical blog, published by the Stanford School of Medicine, ran an article yesterday discussing the world’s first systematic review of sedentary behaviour and health in school-aged children. Featured in the article was HALO PhD student Travis Saunders, a co-author on the systematic review along with fellow HALO researchers Mark Tremblay, Allana LeBlanc, Richard Larouche, Rachel Colley and Gary Goldfield. From the article: In a post tod…

Dr. Rachel Colley Publishes New Paper on Daily Step Count Target
Posted in Publications on 7 November 2011
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…Physical Activity Guidelines in Children.” Dr. Mark Tremblay was also an author on the paper. Influential blogger, Arya Sharma, discussed the paper today on his blog. His blog post can be read here. Citation details for the paper are below: Colley RC, Janssen I, Tremblay MS. Daily Step Target to Measure Adherence to Physical Activity Guidelines in Children. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Nov 2. [Epub ahead of print] PURPOSE: There is a lack of…

Zach Ferraro Successfully Defends His Doctoral Dissertation
Posted in Announcements on 30 April 2012
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Zach Ferraro, a PhD candidate with HALO, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, “An examination of maternal contributors and potential modifiers of fetal growth in pregnancy,” on Wednesday, April 25th. Zach’s PhD work was supervised by Drs. Kristi Adamo and Denis Prud-Homme. Zach’s dissertation is being nominated for a University of Ottawa PhD thesis award. There are 3 awards given to students from the entire university each year…

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput’s Research in La Presse
Posted in Media Coverage, Publications on 14 June 2011
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In today’s edition of La Presse, an article discusses a recent study by Dr. Chaput, which shows for the first time that shifting sleep duration from a short to a healthier length (from less than 6 hours per night to 7-8 hours per night) is associated with less fat mass gain in adults. These results are novel and suggest that sleep might provide a potential path for obesity prevention. To read the article (in French), please click here….