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Posted in on 14 May 2011
Stats: 74,893 views and No Comments changes in school-level programs, policies and built environment resources. BMC Public Health 14(1):331-337, 2014. LeBlanc AG, Larouche R, Chaput JP, Goldfield GS, Tremblay MS. No clear evidence that exergames can prevent obesity. Obesity Reviews 15:692-693, 2014. Lloyd M, Saunders T, Bremer E, Tremblay MS. Long-term importance of fundamental motor skills: a 20 year follow-up study. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly 31:67-78, 2014. Longmuir...
HALO Researchers Make 7 Presentations at Obesity 2011
Posted in Presentations on 6 October 2011
Stats: 3,682 views and No Comments HALO Researchers made 7 presentations at the Obesity 2011, one of the world’s largest gatherings of obesity professionals, which includes leading obesity scientists. The 29th Annual Meeting of the Obesity Society was held in Orlando, Florida on October 2-4, 2011. Of special note, the poster presentation by HALO PhD student Zach Ferraro received a special highlight from the program committee daily publication “TOS times” as a must see...
HALO Researchers Make 5 Presentations in Boston at the Obesity Society’s Annual Meeting
Posted in Presentations on 17 November 2014
Stats: 562 views and No Comments ..., USA). Chaput JP, Leduc G, Boyer C, LeBlanc AG, Borghese MM, Tremblay MS. Objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and sleep duration: independent and combined associations with adiposity in Canadian children. Obesity 2014; S227: T-2380-P (The Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Boston, USA). Ferraro ZM, Wilson S, Brett KE, Nerenberg K, Goldfield G, Hadjiyannakis S, Walker M, Adamo KB. The timing of gestational weight gain...
HALO Involved in New Research on Abdominal Obesity Trends in Canada
Posted in Publications on 6 June 2011
Stats: 1,162 views and No Comments ...007-2009. The corresponding values for 20- to 69-year-old adults were 11.4%, 14.2% and 35.6%. Between 1981 and 2007-2009, mean WC values increased by 4.2 cm in adolescent males, 6.7 cm in adolescent females, 6.5 cm in men and 10.6 cm in women. Within the 2007-2009 survey, 2.6% of normal weight adults had abdominal obesity, 35.3% of overweight adults had abdominal obesity and 93.0% of obese adults had abdominal obesity....
Evidence of an Overweight/Obesity Transition among School-Aged Children and Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review
Posted in Publications on 31 March 2014
Stats: 607 views and No Comments .... Quantitative synthesis revealed a trend towards increasing proportions of overweight/obesity over time in school-aged children in this region, as well as a persistent problem of underweight. Weighted averages of overweight/obesity and obesity for the entire time period captured were 10.6% and 2.5% respectively. Body composition measures were found to be higher in girls than boys, and higher in urban living and higher socioeconomic status...
Dr. Mark Tremblay Publishes 2 Two Papers on Abdominal Obesity
Posted in Publications on 16 May 2012
Stats: 1,497 views and No Comments ...n Janssen (2012). Abdominal obesity and cardiovascular disease risk factors within body mass index categories. Health Reports, 23(2):1-9. ABSTRACT: Background: Several organizations recommend the use of measures of abdominal obesity in conjunction with body mass index (BMI) to assess obesity-related health risk. Recent evidence suggests that waist circumference (WC), waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) are increasing within...
HALO Investigators Play a Significant Role in Journal’s Increasing Impact
Posted in Featured Posts, Publications on 26 August 2015
Stats: 901 views and No Comments ...atulations to Drs. Chaput, Goldfield and Tremblay! 2012 2013 2014 2015 Total Average Citations per Year 30 194 565 334 1123 280.75 1. Title: Extended international (IOTF) body mass index cut-offs for thinness, overweight and obesity By: Cole, T. J.; Lobstein, T. Source: PEDIATRIC OBESITY Volume: 7 Issue: 4 Pages: 284-294 Published: AUG 2012 1 20 44 39 104 26.00 2. Title: Circulating branched-chain amino acid concentrations are associated with...
Dr. Kristi Adamo
Posted in on 15 May 2011
Stats: 20,560 views and 49 Comments ...ts to date have resulted in the birth of her two daughters, Kysia in 2007 and Mallea in 2009. Research, Clinical, Professional and Scholarly Focus and Service Current research interests include: i) intergenerational cycle of obesity, ii) child obesity prevention, iii) lifestyle contributors to maternal-fetal health, iv) critical periods of growth and development, v) maternal-placental-fetal dialogue Associate Editor, Applied Physiology,...
Physical Activity, Sedentary Time, and Obesity in an International Sample of Children
Posted in Publications on 22 September 2015
Stats: 266 views and No Comments ...UC], 0.64), VPA (AUC, 0.67) and sedentary behavior (AUC, 0.57) were 55 (95% CI, 50-64) min·d, 14 (11-16) min·d, and 482 (455-535) min·d, respectively. Conclusions. Greater MVPA and VPA were both associated with lower odds of obesity independent of sedentary behavior. Sedentary time was positively associated with obesity, but not independent of MVPA. Attaining at least 55 min·d of MVPA is associated with lower obesity in this multinational sample...
Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput
Posted in on 15 May 2011
Stats: 23,359 views and 74 Comments ...Traversy (University of Ottawa) – M.Sc. Supervisor (2014-2016) Christian Lizotte (University of Ottawa) – M.Sc. Supervisor (2013-2015) Aidan Gribbon (University of Ottawa) – M.Sc. Supervisor (2013-2015) Memberships Canadian Obesity Network The Obesity Society International Association for the Study of Obesity Canadian Sleep Society World Association of Sleep Medicine Pediatric Sleep Interest Group Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network Sedentary...