M.Sc. Candidate

Degrees and Certifications

B.Sc. in Integrated Science with a Minor in Business, Carleton University

Research Program

M.Sc. Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Thesis Topic

Does Exercising with a Screen or Music Lead to Post-Exercise Energy Compensation in Adolescents


Research Interests

  • Exercise testing
  • Sedentary behavior guidelines
  • Active Transportation and Independent Mobility


Holly completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science (minor in Business) at Carleton University. While doing so, she concurrently completed her thesis at HALO, focusing on Active Transportation and Independent Mobility in school-aged children. After her experience with HALO as an undergraduate student, she decided to further her education at the University of Ottawa to pursue her MSc. in Human Kinetics, under the supervision of Dr. Chaput. Along with her passion for physical activity in her studies, she also enjoys recreational sports such as hockey, volleyball, baseball and running in her spare time.