Dr. Nelson Nardo Junior

Degrees and certifications

  • Sc. in Physical Education, University of State of Sao Paulo – Campus Pres. Prudente (1994)
  • Sc. in Kinesiology, University of State of Sao Paulo – Campus Rio Claro (1998)
  • D. in Human Applied Nutrition, University of Sao Paulo (2005)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow at BMRU – University of Ottawa (2012)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow at HALO/CHEO – University of Ottawa (2015)

Research interests

  • Physical Activity and Health Promotion
  • Overweight and Obesity Multidisciplinary Treatment

Projects in progress

  • MPOT – Multidisciplinary Program of Obesity Treatment
  • NUTRIBRACOL Study – Multidisciplinary treatment of Obesity in Brazil and Colombia
  • Evaluation and follow up of patients submitted to the bariatric surgery in Brazil
  • Report Card Brazil


Dr. Nardo Jr is a postdoctoral fellow with the HALO group. He recently had approved funds to develop his first international study which in being developed in Brazil and Colombia (South America). He had also approved his new post-doctoral stage from the Brazilian funding agency – CNPq from the program Science Without Borders in which he has as the main goal to include data about the multidisciplinary programs of obesity treatment from Canada. During his PhD he got data about physical activity, physical fitness and nutritional habits of teenagers from Maringa-Parana-Brazil and that motivated him to start the work group NEMO (Nucleo of Studies Multidisciplinary on Obesity) from where he has leaded a team of health professionals  in applied research related to obesity treatment. Dr. Nardo Jr enjoys in his free time cycling, motor biking, and music.