InvestigatorsStaffClinical AssociatesAffiliate InvestigatorsStudentsPost-Doctoral Fellows
Dr. Jean-Philippe ChaputResearch Scientist
613-737-7600 x3683
Dr. Gary GoldfieldClinical Scientist
613-737-7600 x3288
Dr. Patricia LongmuirScientist
613-737-7600 x3908
Dr. Mark TremblayDirector of Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research
613-737-7600 x4114
Joel BarnesKnowledge and Data Analyst
613-737-7600 x4148
Dr. Jameason CameronResearch Coordinator
613-737-7600 x4103
Stephanie CarsonResearch Coordinator
613-737-7600 x4480
Natasha CinanniResearch Coordinator
613-737-7600 x4005
Megan ForseResearch Assistant
613-737-7600 x4118
Hélène LarocqueResearch Administrative Assistant
613-737-7600 x4102
Sophia RoubosResearch Assistant
613-737-7600 x4001
Jenna YaraskavitchResearch Assistant
613-737-7600 x4003
Dr. Annick BuchholzAssociate Scientist
613-260-1477 x224
Dr. Stasia HadjiyannakisPediatric Endocrinologist
613-737-7600 x3939
Jane RutherfordExercise Specialist
613-260-1477 x222
Dr. Kristi AdamoAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Michael BorgheseAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Valerie CarsonAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Katie GunnellAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Justin LangAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Richard LaroucheAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Margaret SampsonAffiliate Investigator
Dr. Jeremy WalshAffiliate Investigator
Salomé AubertPh.D. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Angelica BlaisPh.D. Student
613-737-7600 x4191
Joel BlanchardPh.D. Student
613-737-7600 x4191
Caroline DutilPh.D. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Ryan FeatherstoneM.Sc. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Silvia A. GonzalezPh.D. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Kaamel HafiziM.Sc. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Taru ManyangaPh.D. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Fatima MougharbelPh.D. Student
613-737-7600 x4191
Hugues Sampasa-KanyingaPh.D. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Evan TurnerM.Sc. Candidate
613-737-7600 x4191
Angela WilsonM.A./Ph.D. Student
613-737-7600 x4191
Dr. Michelle GuerreroPost-Doctoral Fellow
613-737-7600 x4158
Dr. Shikha SaxenaPost-Doctoral Fellow
613-737-7600 x4400