Role: Former PhD Student, Casual Research Assistant

Degrees and Certifications:

BSc in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa (2014)
MSc in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa (2018)
PhD in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa (2023)

Thesis Topics:

Master’s research: “The Impact of Sportball Participation in Paediatric Cardiovascular Disease Patients”

Doctoral research: “Developing Physical Literacy while Living with a Chronic Medical Condition: The Paediatric Perspective”


Dr. Patricia Longmuir

Research Interests:

• Physical activity promotion and interventions for children with chronic disease
• Impact of physical activity on psychosocial outcomes
• Patient and Family Engagement
• Knowledge Translation


Dr. Angelica Blais completed her graduate school training with the HALO Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Patricia Longmuir. During her time as a graduate student with HALO, Angelica was granted two MITACS Accelerate Internships to develop and evaluate inclusive, recreational sports programs in collaboration with community-based organizations (Sportball and The RA Centre). For her doctoral work, Dr. Blais was also awarded the North American Society of Pediatric Exercise Medicine’s Marco Cabrera Research Award, the CHEO Research Institute Clinical Trainee Award and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. In her new role, Dr. Blais remains at the CHEO Research Institute as a research associate for the Precision in Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative and a casual research assistant for Dr. Longmuir’s lab. Outside of the CHEO-RI, Angelica has a passion for dance and fitness; she is a dance teacher/choreographer as well as a step class instructor. She also enjoys hiking, yoga, golf, and snowboarding in her spare time.