Below are the overall test results for each fitness test. Please note that 212 children (80 boys and 132 girls) in Grade 5 participated in 2012-2013 and are included in these results.


Plank Test
The plank requires the student to maintain a straight body position, supported only on the forearms and toes. The time that the plank position can be maintained is recorded.

Grip Strength
The grip strength measures the force that the student can apply to a handle. The force with the right and left hands is measured separately and then added together for the total score.

Sit and Reach
This test requires the student to reach as far as possible toward or past the toes, seated with the legs extended.

15m Shuttle-Run Test
The PACER shuttle run (also known as the “Beep Test”) requires the student to repeatedly cover a distance of 15 meters at a specified pace, with the pace increasing for each repeat until the student is unable or unwilling to maintain the required pace.

Obstacle Course
The obstacle course requires running a total distance of 20 meters, while completing a series of motor skill tasks. The tasks include hopping on one foot, sliding from side-to-side, kicking a soccer ball, jumping into and out of hoops on the ground, and catching and throwing a ball. The time required to complete the course as well as the student’s performance of each skill is recorded.