Dr. Travis Saunders


  • CIHR Doctoral Research Award for Clinical Research
  • Excellence Scholarship from the University of Ottawa
  • Doctoral Research Award from the Canadian Diabetes Association


Dr. Mark Tremblay

Research Program:

Ph.D. Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Thesis Topic:

The relationship between sedentary time and metabolic health in children and youth


I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist and PhD student, with my current research focusing on the relationship of sedentary time (e.g. sitting) and risk factors for chronic disease. I am particularly interested in the way that short bouts of sitting (e.g. 2-4 hours) may influence metabolic risk factors such as insulin and glucose levels in school-aged children. I am also very interested in the relationship between exercise intensity and health (e.g. is a higher intensity better than a low intensity?) and the way that body fat distribution relates to health risk. I am also very passionate about knowledge translation and dissemination, and blog about obesity research at PLoS BLOGS, and am the former Health Editor at ResearchBlogging.org. I am a member of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, the Canadian Obesity Network, the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine and The Obesity Society. When I am not reading or writing about research, my personal hobbies include distance running, juggling, and sometimes the combination of the two.