Research Assistant
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  • Research Assistant


  • Bsc Kinesiology
  • M Sc. Kinesiology Candidate

Research Interest

  • Physical Activity and Obesity
  • Fitness standards
  • Swim to Survive


Audrey completed her Bachelor of Science with specialization in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in April of 2010. Post Undergrad she was offered a job as a research assistant in human factors and survival gear for a year,which lead to her Masters in Kinesiology at Dalhousie. An opportunity came up fora position in the PSP (military) to work on the physical fitness standards in Ottawaas a research assistant. Her true interests however lied within the field of medicine, physical fitness combined with paediatrics therefore she was quite happy to join the HALO group to return to her roots of working with children and physical activity.On the side, she volunteered and worked for the lifesaving society byinstructing, lifeguarding, teaching swim to survive and coaching throughout herundergrad and her masters. She has been a member of the Canadian LifesavingNational team since 2009 which filled her passion for travelling and staying active.She loves good food and trying new things! Her experience at HALO was cut short due to her acceptance into the Ottawa U medical school program.