Ms. Kimberly Grattan
Research Coordinator


Research Coordinator

Degrees and Certifications:

  • BKin Brock University – Kinesiology (Honours)
  • MA Brock University – Applied Health Science

Research Interests:

  • Psychological underpinnings of health-enhancing behaviours (e.g., physical activity and healthy eating)
  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • Physical activity promotion
  • Measuring physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary behaviour

Projects in Progress:

  • Activity Begins in Childhood – a daycare physical activity intervention

Completed Projects:

  • Preschoolers Activity Trial (an examination of the implementation of Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers program – a daycare physical activity intervention pilot)
  • CALIBRATE – Calibrating Early Lifestyles to Manage Obesity: A Health and Education Practitioner Intervention Approach
  • Evaluation of the “Freggie Fridays Program” in Ottawa Schools


Kimberly joined the HALO team as a Research Assistant in February of 2011.  Previously to moving to Ottawa, Kimberly attained her Masters in Applied Health Sciences at Brock University in 2009. She is now a Research Coordinator for Dr. Kristi Adamo and her main responsibilities pertain to the Activity Begins in Childhood trial, an intervention aimed at increasing the moderate to vigorous physical activity of preschool aged children and decreasing time spent sedentary. Kimberly is an active member of the HALO Social Committee and the Research Coordinators Network in the Research Institute. Outside of work Kimberly is an avid member of the Gatineau-Ottawa underwater hockey club and a previous member of the women’s National underwater hockey team who competed in the Elite Underwater Hockey World Championships in Hungary (2013). She also enjoys weight training, travelling, biking, skiing, and reading.