The August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine features a collection of articles that addresses many aspects of the problem of sedentary behaviour, including the relevant behavioural science that will be needed to evaluate whether initiatives to reduce sitting time can be effective and beneficial. Dr. Mark Tremblay was coauthor on two of the papers in this important collection. Citation details are listed below:

N. Owen, T. Sugiyama, E. Eakin, P. Gardiner, M.S. Tremblay, J.F. Sallis. Adults’ sedentary behavior – determinants and interventions. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 41(2):189-196, 2011.

J. Salmon, M.S. Tremblay, S.J. Marshall, C. Hume. Health risks, correlates and interventions to reduce sedentary behavior in young people. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 41(2):.197-206, 2011.