Travis Saunders, a PhD student with HALO, was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star.

From the article:

The kids are back in school. All that frantic running around to keep them engaged during the hot, steamy summer is over.

Now, with only a day’s work on your to-do list, think you’re sitting pretty?

Fat chance if you’ve got a desk job, chubs.

Parking your butt in, well, park, for prolonged periods during the work day may be a quick route to cardiovascular disease, big guts and shortened life spans, even if you exercise regularly.

By sitting excessively, the body balks chemically, with reduced insulin sensitivity and increased fat in the blood as two key negative metabolic impacts, according to studies, including one involving 17,000 Canadians that links mortality with chair-bound habits.

“People who sit more on a regular basis have worse health than people who sit less, regardless of how much they exercise, regardless of whether they smoke or have a healthy diet — regardless of everything else,” says Travis Saunders, a PhD student and researcher at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

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