Dr. Mark Tremblay was invited to deliver a series of presentations at Laurentian University and area schools as part of a Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER) grant awarded to Carolyn Crang, School of Education, Laurentian University. The grant titled Go North: Improving Health through Physical Activity aimed to disseminate and mobilize current research about the need for appropriate levels of physical activity, particularly in educational institutions. With leadership from Laurentian University School of Education and School of Human Kinetics, and in partnership with local school boards, Cambrian College School of Nursing, Sault College School of Nursing, Canadore College Department of Recreation and Leisure, the Sudbury and District Health Unit and CBC Sudbury, Dr. Tremblay provided seven presentations. Presentations and discussions were video-taped for further dissemination.

Details from the presentations are listed below:

  • M.S. Tremblay. Canada’s Inactive Kids: An Urgent Call for Action. Invited presentation to the education students/student teachers at the Laurentian University, School of Education (Sudbury), 2011.
  • M.S. Tremblay. How can we get kids active? Invited presentation to Sudbury District School Board elementary school students and teachers (Sudbury), 2011. (4 different schools)
  • M.S. Tremblay. Major initiatives related to childhood obesity and physical inactivity in Canada: The year in review. Invited presentation to the Physical Education Department Heads and Program Leaders, Sudbury District School Board (Sudbury), 2011.
  • M.S. Tremblay. Go North: Improving Health through Physical Activity. Invited public lecture at Laurentian University (Sudbury), 2011.
  • M.S. Tremblay. Childhood Inactivity: Evidence, Implications, Solutions and Opportunities. Invited presentation to specialist High Skills Major students (Wellness Program) from Sudbury District High Schools (Sudbury), 2011.