Thee papers on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep by Dr. Rachel Colley (Junior Research Chair with HALO) have been published:

  • R.C. Colley, I. Janssen, M.S. Tremblay. Daily Step Target to Measure Adherence to Physical Activity Guidelines in Children. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 44(5):977-82, 2012.
  • D. Garriguet and R.C. Colley. Daily patterns of physical activity among Canadians. Health Reports 23(2):1-6, 2012.
  • R.C. Colley, S.L. Wong, D. Garriguet, I. Janssen, S. Connor Gorber, M.S. Tremblay. Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep in Canadian children: parent-report versus direct measures and relative associations with health risk. Health Reports 23(2):1-8, 2012.