Dr. Mark Tremblay (Director of HALO) was involved in a panel discussion at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress in Amsterdam last year. The panel discussion has now been published as a manuscript entitled, “Evidenced-based exercise prescription: raising the standard of delivery.” The citation information is below.

M. Moffat, S. Hegenscheidt, S. Ng, D. Reid, N. Rotem-Lehrer, M.S. Tremblay. Evidence-based exercise prescription: raising the standard of delivery. International Musculoskeletal Medicine 34(1):21-36, 2012.

ABSTRACT: This article represents the deliberations that took place at the June 2011 meeting of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) during a panel that was convened to discuss ‘Evidence-based Exercise Prescription: Raising the Standard of Delivery’. The panel consisted of five physical therapists and one exercise physiologist. After introductory remarks by the panel chair, each of the other participants was given the opportunity to do an opening presentation. Several questions (Should physical therapists be exercise experts? Are physical therapists truly the exercise experts they should be? Has physical therapist education prepared them to be exercise experts?) were then posed to the panelists for their response. After those responses, the floor was opened up to the audience for response and input. A verbatim transcript of the proceedings enabled audience participation to be reflected.