Founded by HALO team members, the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network (SBRN) has published a letter to the editor in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism entitled, “Letter to the Editor: Standardized use of the terms ‘sedentary’ and ‘sedentary behaviours’.” To avoid confusion in sedentary behaviour research, SBRN proposes separate definitions for sedentary behaviours and physical inactivity to be used in a standardized way by sedentary behaviour and physical activity researchers. From the Letter:

To prevent further confusion, we propose that journal editors adopt a consistent definition of the term sedentary and require that all manuscripts published within their journal adhere to this common terminology. We suggest that journals formally define sedentary behaviour as any waking behaviour characterized by an energy expenditure ≤1.5 METs while in a sitting or reclining posture. In contrast, we suggest that authors use the term “inactive” to describe those who are performing insufficient amounts of MVPA (i.e., not meeting specified physical activity guidelines).

Citations details for the Letter are:

Sedentary Behaviour Research Network. Letter to the Editor: Standardized use of the terms “sedentary” and “sedentary behaviours”. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012; 37:540-42.

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