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Reproducibility of a Food Menu in Children and Adolescents

An exciting opportunity to participate in research at the University of Ottawa in collaboration with CHEO!

What is the study about?

  • This study is examining the reliability of a food menu to measure food intake inside and outside of the laboratory

What is expected of participants?

  • Participants (10 girls and 10 boys selected by a first come/first served approach) will need to visit the University of Ottawa on 2 occasions
  • The visits will last from 8:00 AM until 13:00 PM, and will involve watching TV, reading, and eating a variety of foods from a menu
  • Participants will also need to choose the foods they want to eat for the remainder of the day and bring back leftovers once finished

What will you receive for participating?

  • Food items will be free during your visits to the University of Ottawa campus downtown Ottawa
  • You will receive complimentary bus fare or parking at the University of Ottawa campus downtown Ottawa during each visit

This research project has received approval from the CHEO Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions about the research you may contact the CHEO Research Ethics Board office at 613-737-7600 ext 3272 or the study Principal Investigator, Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput at 613-737-7600 ext 3683 or Dr. Zach Ferraro at 613-737-7600 ext 4408.

If interested in participating please contact: