Hélène Sinclair has written an article for the IAAPulse, a publication of the International Associate of Administrative Professionals, titled, “Walking Meetings—Stand up for Your Health!

On page 3 of IAAPulse, Hélène explains the concept of a walking meeting room that has been developed at HALO:

We developed a system of ‘Walking Meeting Rooms’. With the help of a practicum student (Kristina Fabris from Lakehead University), we mapped out various routes of different lengths of time (15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 mins intervals). Then we worked with our Information Services department to develop “Walking Meeting Rooms” that could be booked through Outlook. One of the issues with our meeting rooms here at CHEO is they are most often always booked way ahead of time, so this provided us with an opportunity to have meetings where the rooms are never overbooked (because it’s limitless). We have asked staff to book the rooms in the calendars so that we may track some statistics and see how many are using it. We continue to promote it through various venues – an example would be with the upcoming Sneak It In Week April 8—12, 2013, where we will be including one of our daily challenges to hold all meetings on ‘one’ chosen day as a walking meeting or stand for the duration of the meeting.

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