The KIDS-CAN team through Dr.Vincent OnyweraDr.Mark Tremblay and Richard Larouche have secured a grant worth CAN $ 449,200 from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to conduct a research project entitled, “Assessment of physical activity and active transport among school children in eastern, western and southern regions of Africa: the case of Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria“.

The objectives of the research project are:

  1. To consolidate existing information on active transportation measurement instruments and published literature on active transportation among African children and youth.
  2. To develop or refine an instrument or protocol to collect physical activity and active transport among African school children.
  3. To collect data on the physical activity and active transport among African school children living in urban, sub-urban and rural areas to help inform report cards from Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique (to be presented in Toronto in 2014 during the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children).
  4. To collect and compare provincial/county, municipal, and school policies related to active transportation in the African countries where the data collection will occur.
  5. To develop a physical activity and active transport surveillance model for expansion to other LMIC countries, building off the report card knowledge translation and dissemination process used in Canada and replicated in Kenya.
  6. To provide recommendations for policy and programs that could be implemented based on the study findings and to suggest future research in the area.