Allana LeBlanc, Michael Borghese, Dr. Richard Larouche and Dr. Mark Tremblay received a CIHR Café Scientifique grant for $3,000 to host a discussion panel on the health benefits of cycling and on strategies to make cycling safer in Canadian cities. The purpose of the Café is 4-fold: 1) to emphasize the health benefits of cycling; 2) to discuss the benefits of helmets and other important safety measures; 3) to present the perspective of a community-based organization for promoting cycling and improving safety; and 4) to offer ample time for audience interaction and questions about safe cycling. The overarching objective of the CIHR Café Scientifique is to offer an open discussion on cycling benefits and safety, in a format that is accessible to community members and individuals who do not hold a science degree.


Note: The date and time for this event have not been set but, once confirmed, these details will be posted to the website.