Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research on obesity prevention in the early years is currently featured on the Canadian Institutes of Health Research website under the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health.

From the website:

First we are are leading the development of a pan-Canadian intervention study (SMARTMoms-Canada) that will evaluate a mobile phone application ─ designed by our colleagues in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ─ to help pregnant women adhere to current gestational weight gain guidelines, improve maternal-fetal health and attenuate the intergenerational cycle of obesity (fewer big babies, less post- partum weight retention and subsequent obesity in mom). Second my team is leading the Activity Begins in Childhood (ABC) randomized controlled trial. The objective of this trial is to identify if we can positively influence physical activity patterns in preschoolers through a daycare provider-directed intervention, aimed at increasing the amount of physical activity preschoolers are engaged in throughout the day. This 3-arm cluster trial will test whether the ABC intervention alone or in combination with a parent-driven home physical activity promotion component results in positive change in preschoolers physical activity levels, sedentary time, fundamental and gross motor skills and body composition compared to traditional daycare curriculum.

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