HALO scientists delivered or participated in 5 research presentations at the XXIX Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands) in September, 2015. The presentations are summarized below and more information is available at www.pwp2015.org:

  • Larouche R, Garriguet D, Gunnell KE, Goldfield GS, Tremblay MS. Relationship between time spent outdoors, physical activity and health-related indicators among children: the 2012-2013 Canadian Health Measures Survey.
  • Tremblay MS. Active Healthy Kids Report Cards.
  • Longmuir PE, Tremblay MS. Assessing children’s capacity for physical activity: A valid and reliable physical literacy assessment and screening tasks.
  • Longmuir PE, Colley RC, Wherley VA, Tremblay MS. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Position Stand: benefit and risk for promoting childhood physical activity.
  • Longmuir PE, Xiong C, Alpous A, Pohl D. Physical activity counselling in children and adolescents with chronic headaches: a pilot study of feasibility and impact.
  • Longmuir PE, Boyer C, McClelland K, Tremblay MS. Teacher ratings of students’ physical activity behaviour, knowledge, attitudes, skill and fitness have low to moderate association with direct measures of student performance.