On September 29th, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research released an interview, “Show your children healthy behaviours – eating well, sleeping well, exercising and managing stress,” on the “Health Research in Action” section of their website, which featured HALO’s Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput.

From the interview:

One-third of Canadian children are either overweight or obese. For many, controlling their weight will remain a lifelong struggle. Surprisingly, most parents under-estimate the powerful role that they play in establishing and maintaining their child’s healthy weight.

Eager to curb skyrocketing childhood obesity rates, Dr. Jean-Philippe, a CIHR-funded researcher, has dedicated his career to finding ways to prevent and control obesity. Dr. Chaput believes that it is essential for parents to model positive behavior. They must lead by example; demonstrate good eating habits (including a low-fat, low-sugar diet) and exercise regularly, either individually or as a family.

The interview can be viewed in English or French.