Playing ball hockey over the lunch hour, aka “HALO Hockey,” has been a HALO pastime for several years now.

Originally launched under the leadership of the first Commissioner, Dr. Travis Saunders, HALO Hockey has been led in recent years by several officeholders including Charles Boyer and Dr. Casey Gray.

On Friday, the most recent election for the office of HALO Hockey Commissioner — a two-way race between Charles Boyer and Kevin Belanger — came to end with Kevin Belanger being crowned Commissioner.

Kevin, humble in victory, had this to say about the outcome:

I would like to thank everyone involved for making this dream come true. It has been a grueling campaign, one that included many sleepless nights wondering about what the final outcome would be. Winning by default isn’t the most inspiring form of victory, but nonetheless I am extremely grateful to succeed the great commissioners before me.

I promise that my tenure as commissioner will be one that is scandal-free, and will look to build upon the foundation that has solidified road hockey as THE HALO lunch time activity of choice.


Kevin ‘commish’ Belanger

Congratulations, Kevin!