Dr. Mariana Brussoni and her research team created Outsideplay.ca to help parents and communities reverse the trend that is limiting children’s chances to play outside and take risks in play. Outsideplay.ca is designed to help users find a more balanced approach for them and their child through understanding the importance of risky play, working to manage the fear that can lead to setting too many limits, and building a plan of action for change.

Outsideplay.ca was a collaborative initiative between the University of British Columbia (UBC), BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), and the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU). The project was led in partnership with Dr. Mariana Brussoni’s Research Team and the BC Children’s Hospital Strategy and Innovation Office (SIO) – under the portfolio of the SIO’s Digital Lab (SIOLAB). The project also involved consultation with a multi-disciplinary advisory group, as well as national and international partners.

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