HALO Research Coordinator Natasha Cinanni pitched a new project at the Hacking Health event held last weekend at the Spotify headquarters in Ottawa. Natasha had 60 seconds to present the project on Friday night in order to recruit computer programmers, designers and engineers to work on our project. The goal of our project is to use technology to help children with heart problems to play with their friends. Our project will provide parents with specific recommendations and home-based play activities that are suitable to their children’s interests and abilities, and that also incorporated any physical activity restrictions from their physicians. Unfortunately, Natasha and Angelica Blais learned during the networking portion of the evening that all of the programmers had been recruited to other teams prior to the event – so we are still looking and would love to hear from others who would like to collaborate on this project over the next few months. Congratulations to Natasha and Angelica for launching our project (and themselves) into the highly competitive hack-a-thon.