HALO PhD candidate Taru Manyanga and Director Mark Tremblay were in Mozambique (Maputo and Bilene) to train field staff to assist Taru with his dissertation data collection. The three day training workshop was held at the Universidade Pedagogica in Maputo with cooperation and assistance from Professor Antonio Prista. Field staff were trained to take standardized anthropometric measurements, use of accelerometers and administer questionaires on personal lifestyle behaviours, the home environment, the neighbourhood environment and the school environment. While at the Universidade, Mark Tremblay and Peter Katzmarzyk (U.S.) also delivered a symposium on childhood physical activity and obesity from around the world. Finally, a Memorandum of Understanding between the CHEO Research Institute and the Universidade Pedagogica was executed while there. Taru’s data collection will be done over the next 8-10 months in Mozambique – stay tuned!