HALO alumnus Dr. Travis Saunders is lead author on a paper, “Validation of PiezoRx Pedometer Derived Sedentary Time,” that was recently published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. Citation details and a summary of the paper are below.

Donahoe, Katelynn; MacDonald, Dany; Tremblay, Mark; and Saunders, Travis (2018) “Validation of PiezoRx Pedometer Derived Sedentary Time,” International Journal of Exercise Science: Vol. 11 : Iss. 7, Pages 552 – 560.


Although pedometers are valid tools for measuring physical activity, to date they have not been used to assess sedentary time. The primary purpose of this study was to determine if the PiezoRx pedometer is a valid and reliable measure of sedentary time compared to the hip-worn Actical accelerometer. A secondary purpose was to compare sedentary time derived via the Fitbit Flex with that of the Actical. Finally, a third purpose was to compare sedentary time derived from the above devices, with that of the ActivPAL inclinometer. Thirty-five participants ages 11-69 years (Mage= 23.3; 21 Female) wore five devices for up to one week: two PiezoRx pedometers, an Actical, an ActivPAL and a Fitbit Flex. Participants recorded daily wear-time of each device using a log sheet. The average sedentary time calculated from the PiezoRx (716±137.68 min/day) was not different from the Actical (694 ±136.11 min/day, p>0.05), although it was higher than the ActivPAL (475±171.52 min/day) and Fitbit Flex (530±149.94 min/day, all p<0.001). Sedentary time from all devices were significantly correlated with each other, with the strongest relationship seen between the Actical and PiezoRx (R2=0.93, p<0.001). In comparison to the ActivPAL, error in PiezoRx- (R2=0.96), Actical- (R2=0.96) and Fitbit Flex- (R2=0.34) determined sedentary time was strongly associated with standing time (all p<0.001). Sedentary time derived using the PiezoRx pedometer may be statistically equivalent to the Actical accelerometer, but not the ActivPAL inclinometer or Fitbit Flex.

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