HALO PhD student Taru Manyanga and Director Mark Tremblay presented in a symposium titled “Physical Activity, Economic Development and Obesity in Africa” at the Physical Activity and Sport for Health and Development in Africa (PASHDA) International Conference in Accra, Ghana. Taru also made another featured talk and Professor Tremblay was coauthor on additional presentations. Their specific presentations were:

  • No evidence for an epidemiological transition in sleep patterns among children: a 12-country study (Taru Manyanga,  Chaput J-P, Barnes J, Katzmarzyk P, Tremblay MS for the ISCOLE Research Group)
  • International comparisons of physical activity indicators in children in Africa: insights from the Global Matrix 2.0 (Mark Tremblay)
  • Physical activity and obesity findings from ISCOLE Mozambique (Taru Manyanga)
  • Development and convergent validity of new self-administered questionnaires of active transportation in three African countries: Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria (Onywera VO, Larouche R, Oyeyemi AL, Prista A, Akinroye KK, Heyker S, Owino GE, Tremblay MS)