HALO held its 5th retreat at Wakefield Mill on November 5, 2018. It’s an activity that HALO does every 3 years or so to review their vision, mission and goals as well as an opportunity to brainstorm and spend time with colleagues outside of the office. Thanks to CHEO Research Institute CEO and Scientific Director Dr. Martin Osmond for his presence for part of the day!

Front row (left to right):
Dr. Martin Osmond, Dr. Stasia Hadjjiyannakis, Sophia Roubos, Jenna Yaraskavitch, Dr. Mark Tremblay, Dr. Annick Buchholz

Back row (left to right):
Dr. Gary Goldfield, Joel Barnes, Dr. Michelle Guerrero, Dr. Jameason Cameron, Hélène Sinclair, Dr. Jean-Phillipe Chaput, Dr. Pat Longmuir