HALO postdoctoral fellow Dr. Michelle Guerrero is co-author on a book chapter, “Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Performance,” that was recently published in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: Theories and Applications. Citation details and a summary of the book are below.

Munroe-Chandler K, Guerrero M. (2018). Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Performance . In Mugford A, Gualberto Cremades J (Eds). Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: Theories and Applications. CRC Press.


This book brings together world-class professionals to share theoretical understanding applied to sport, exercise and performance domains. It highlights howto be more effective in developing psychological skills, context and understanding for educators, students and professionals.

From both academic and practitioner perspectives, this book takes readers through contextual understanding of this field of study and into a wide variety of important areas. Specifically, the chapters focus on the mind-body relationship and performance challenges, and on core mental skills applied across different sport, exercise and performance examples (including professional athletes, normal exercise populations and military service members). The final section expands the context into the role of relationships and performance in group settings to cover a broad practice of modern day applied performance psychology.