HALO Researchers Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput and Dr. Mark Tremblay were in Brazil from November 29 to December 6 to give a series of lectures at the Federal University of Florianopolis Santa Catarina. The series of lectures are listed below.

  1. Chaput JP. Interactions among sleep, sedentary behaviour, physical activity and overall health. Invited “Grand Lecture”.
  2. Chaput JP. Widespread misconceptions about obesity. Invited lecture.
  3. Chaput JP. The ubiquity of the screen in our modern world. Invited lecture.
  4. Chaput JP. Importance of a good night’s sleep for health and wellness. Invited lecture.
  5. Tremblay MS. Powering the Global Movement to Get Kids Moving. Invited “Grand Lecture”.
  6. Tremblay MS. Parks for Health: Nature and the Outdoors as an Antidote to Modern Living. Invited lecture.
  7. Tremblay MS. The Movement to 24-hour Movement Guidelines. Invited lecture.
  8. Tremblay MS. Active Health Kids Global Alliance Global Matrix 3.0. Invited lecture.