HALO PhD student Silvia Gonzalez and HALO Alumni Dr. Taru Manyanga and Dr. Salomé Aubert (in absentia) presented their research at the Active Living Research Conference in Orlando, Florida February 2-5. Their presentations included:

  • González SA, Aubert S, Barnes JD, Larouche R, Tremblay MS. Global comparisons of active transportation to school among children and adolescents from 49 countries.
  • Aubert S, Barnes JD, Gonzalez SA, Manyanga T, Tremblay MS. Evaluation of the process and outcomes of the Global Matrix 3.0 of Physical Activity Grades for Children and Youth.
  • Manyanga T, Barnes JD, Chaput J-P, Guerrero M, Katzmarzyk PT, Mire EF, Prista A, Tremblay MS, for the ISCOLE Research Group. Body mass index and movement behaviors among schoolchildren from 13 countries across a continuum of human development indices: a multinational cross-sectional study.