HALO Post-doctoral fellow Dr. Michelle Guerrero is a lead author on a paper titled “Psychometric Properties of the Adult Self-Report: Data from over 11,000 American Adults” that was just published in Stats. Citation details and a summary of the paper are below.

Congratulations, Michelle!

Guerrero, M.; Hoffmann, M.; Pulkki-Råback, L. Psychometric Properties of the Adult Self-Report: Data from over 11,000 American Adults. Stats 20203, 465-474.


The first purpose of this study was to examine the factor structure of the Adult Self-Report (ASR) via traditional confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and contemporary exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM). The second purpose was to examine the measurement invariance of the ASR subscales across age groups. We used baseline data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study. ASR data from 11,773 participants were used to conduct the CFA and ESEM analyses and data from 11,678 participants were used to conduct measurement invariance testing. Fit indices supported both the CFA and ESEM solutions, with the ESEM solution yielding better fit indices. However, several items in the ESEM solution did not sufficiently load on their intended factors and/or cross-loaded on unintended factors. Results from the measurement invariance analysis suggested that the ASR subscales are robust and fully invariant across subgroups of adults formed on the basis of age (18–35 years vs. 36–59 years). Future research should seek to both CFA and ESEM to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the ASR.

The full paper is available here (open access).