The CHEO Research Institute has recently transitioned to 7 research teams and 5 Research Cores ( HALO Senior Scientist Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput has been named as Team Captain/ Program Director of the Ready, Set, GO Team (comprising HALO and other research groups such as CHAL, bone health, rehabilitation and orthopedics).

Ready, Set, GO Team

Children and youth love to be on the go.  Sometimes, either due to a health condition or the world we live in, keeping on the go may not come easy.  We have a diverse team of researchers who are looking to improve mobility and keep our kids active and healthy.  This team brings together researchers who study healthy active living, bone health, orthopedic conditions and rehabilitation every day to discover a way to help children and youth in our community and  around the world get ready, get set, and GO!

Congratulations, JP!