October 6, 2021

Outdoor Play Canada launches the Outdoor Play in Canada: 2021 State of the Sector Report today!

The Report serves as a chronology of what has happened within the outdoor play sector since the publication of the Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play in 2015, an account of where we are now, and a map of where we need to go from here. Nine priorities, and related action items, were identified to serve as a common vision to propel the outdoor play sector into the future.

This document and related promotional activities aims to create a sense of community within the outdoor play sector, provide a common vision for the sector to thrive and succeed over the next five years, and identify priorities for action.

This Report exists in various forms including an online Reference Library, Full-Length Research Report, Strategic Directions Summary, Whiteboard Video, Slide Deck, and Summary Webinar.

Check out www.outdoorplaycanada.ca/ssr to see the various components of the Report.

Congratulations to all involved!