Dr. Annick Buchholz
Associate Scientist

Peer-Reviewed, Refereed Publications

  • Flament, M. Hill, E.M., Buchholz, A., Henderson, K.A., & Goldfield, G. (2012). The internalization of the thin and muscular body ideal and disordered eating in adolescence. Body Image, 2012, 68-75.

Refereed Conference and Invited Presentations

  • Buchholz, A. (June 2012). Invited speaker. Lessons Learned from the Field of Eating Disorders. Hot Topic conference: Obesity and Mental Health. Hosted by IASO, CON and CAMH, Toronto, Canada.
  • Buchholz, A. (April 2012). Invited speaker. Guiding Principles to Working with Children and their Families. Half day workshop presented at the Pediatric Weight Management in Focus Workshop (Canadian Obesity Network – TROPIC), Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hadjiyannakis, S., Buchholz, A., Rutherford, J. & Aylett, A.. (2012). CALIBRATE: Calibrating Early Lifestyles to Manage Obesity. A Health and Education Practitioner Intervention. Interdisciplinary team full-day workshops presented to health practitioners in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Murray, M., Henderson, K.A., Bowker A., Buchholz, A., Goldfield, G., Obeid, N., Birmingham, M., Flament, M. F. (2012). Perceived family rigidity and disordered eating behaviors among adolescents: The role of perfectionism. Academy of Eating Disorders (AED). International Conference on Eating Disorders, Austin, Texas, USA.


Dr. Annick Buchholz is a clinical psychologist, and lead in outcomes management and research at the Centre for Healthy Active Living (CHAL). Dr. Buchholz was previously involved in the development of the eating disorder day treatment and inpatient programs at CHEO; and, along with her colleagues in eating disorders, implemented outcomes measurement for both these programs. Dr. Buchholz has also been involved in the development and evaluation of the prevention program ‘BodySense’; a program aimed at promoting healthy body image in athletes. She is a co-investigator on the REAL study, ‘Research on Eating and Adolescent Lifestyles, an Ottawa-based longitudinal study examining shared risk factors between eating disorders and obesity in youth. Her research interests include psychosocial risk factors related to body image, stigma, disordered eating, and weight regulation in children and youth, as well as treatment outcomes.