Dr. Jameason Cameron
Research Coordinator

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD in Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa
  • M.S. Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa
  • Hons. B.Sc. HK– University of Ottawa


Dr. Jameason Cameron is a research coordinator with the HALO group, working under Dr. Gary Goldfield. Dr. Cameron attained his M.Sc. while at Montfort Hospital in the Behavioural and Metabolic Research Unit, and in 2013 completed his doctorate looking at the role of appetite-related hormones, food reward, and olfaction in predicting appetite and food intake in normal weight and obese adults. Currently he is coordinating a project titled “Ramping up Neurocognition (RUN): A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial Examining the Effects of Physical Activity Promotion on Neurocognitive Development in Young Children”. Dr. Cameron has also coordinated a now completed regulated drug trial examining the off-label use of the ADHD medication methylphenidate and its role in appetite and weight loss. Dr. Cameron’s main interests are explored using randomized controlled trials, often in paradigms of energy depletion, with the intention of identifying how physiological and behavioural changes are inter-related in the context of weight loss and body weight regulation. New topics of interest include genetic association studies examining the role of dopamine and BDNF in responses to various exercise and clinical interventions.