Dr. Iryna Demchenko
Research Coordinator


Dr. Iryna Demchenko joined HALO in June 2019 as a Research Coordinator for Dr. Mark Tremblay’s team. She is primarily involved in projects aimed at enhancing physical activity in children and youth in Canada and around the globe with the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. Iryna is also contributing to the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network’s initiatives by helping to disseminate research on the health impact of sedentary behaviour to the academic community, health professionals and the public at large. Prior to beginning her work at HALO, Iryna graduated from Carleton University with an MSc after completing the “Health: Science, Technology and Policy” program in 2019. Before starting her career in Canada, Iryna attained a Medical Doctor Degree in Ukraine and carried out 10+ years of clinical practice. Outside of work, Iryna enjoys being active outdoors, travelling around the world and spending time with her husband and two kids.