M.A Student


Bachelors in Physical and Health Education, McGillUniversity


Dr. Gary Goldfield

Research Program

M.A. Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Thesis Topic

How our perceptions influence our eating behaviour

Research Interests

  • Psychological determinants of eating behavior
  • Increasing motivation towards physical activity
  • Strategies in altering perception of food
  • Correlation between perception of talent and motivation in physical activity


Alessandro Tirelli completed his Bachelor of Physical and Health Education at McGill University in 2012. During his year off from academia he worked as a physical and health education teacher as well as a personal trainer. He has worked at both the elementary and high school level as well as with students who possess severe learning disabilities. His main area of interest revolves around doing research to identify psychological determinants of eating behavior and how to potentially alter these behaviors. He is also interested in perception and motivation in regards to its effect on physical activity and general well being.