Danilo F. da Silva
PhD student

Degrees and certifications:

  • BSc in Physical Education – State University of Maringa – Brazil. Project title: Effects of a multidisciplinary program for obesity treatment and its cessation in adolescents.
  • MSc in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology) – State University of Maringa – Brazil. Project title: Comparison between maximal aerobic speed and its time limit determined by different methods and their relationship with endurance running performance.


Dr. Fabiana A. Machado


Dr. Kristi B. Adamo

Research program:

PhD(c) in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology) – Graduate Program in Physical Education, State University of Maringa – Brazil

Thesis Project:

Endurance running training guided by heart rate variability in female recreational runners: effects on running performance

Research interests:

  • Endurance exercise testing and training
  • Exercise prescription and control for women during different phases of life
  • Prevention and management of childhood/adolescent obesity
  • Effects of exercise on maternal and fetal health


Danilo F. da Silva joined the HALO research group in March 2015 for his “sandwich” PhD which is an international experience supported by the Brazilian government to develop part of his study abroad. He has experience in exercise physiology, endurance exercise training and prescription, and in a multidisciplinary program for the treatment of pediatric obesity contributing to the exercise team. Danilo enjoys sports generally and practices running and soccer. He also likes reading, listening to music and dancing.