Congratulations to Dr. Gary Goldfield and Dr. Kristi Adamo for their research on a physically active daycare program, which was recently profiled in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ambassador Brief.

From the Brief:

Heart and Stroke Foundation researchers, Drs. Gary Goldfield and Kristi Adamo are studying the potential benefits of a physically active daycare program aimed at three- to five-year-old children. In the study, two daycare centres will act as a control, while two others will have their staff trained to increase the young children’s physical activity levels to the point where there is no more than 60 minutes of inactivity at a time. The researchers hope that this will reveal ways to manage children’s weight and body fat levels, helping them achieve and maintain good health for a lifetime. Says Dr. Goldfield “By making physical activity a habit early in life, we hope children will be able to reduce their risk of early heart disease and stroke.”

To read the Ambassador Brief in its entirety, please click here.