Dr. Kristi Adamo was one of the Canadian faculty members at the International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology held at Auberge Duchesnay in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec. 

This 1-week intensive advanced graduate-level course (view syllabus) brings together faculty and students from Canadian and European Universities focusing on topics in exercise and clinical physiology. This integrative research-based course covers basic science topics on various physiological systems and extends to common clinical physiological applications. The international aspect of the course facilitates diverse exchange of research perspectives, themes and experimental approaches. The lecture topics and discussion format is intended to maximize student-student and student-faculty exchange.

Dr. Adamo was asked to specifically address “Metabolic Studies in Pediatric and Maternal Obesity” and during the “Training Approaches- Training Responses” Round Table, she lead a debate related to early specialization vs. early diversification entitled, “Is Early Specialization in Youth Sport a requirement for adult expertise?”

Course Sponsored by:

  • Faculty of Arts & Science – Concordia University
  • School of GraduateStudies – Concordia University
  • Faculty of HealthSciences – University of Copenhagen
  • Academy of Muscle Biology, Exercise & Health Research (AMBEHR)

Faculty members

Left to right: Ylva Hellsten (University of Copenhagen), Kevin Shoemaker (University of Western Ontario), Bengt Saltin (Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre), Maureen MacDonald (McMaster University), Kristi Adamo (CHEO Research Institute), Peter Schjerling (University of Copenhagen),  Robert Boushel (University of Copenhagen), Andreas Bergdahl (Concordia University), Johannes van Lieshout (Amsterdam Medical University), Graham Holloway (University of Guelph), Mary-Ellen Harper (University of Ottawa)

Missing from the photo: Erich Gnaiger (University of Innsbruck), Jose Calbet (University of Las Palmas), Charles Hoppel (Case Western University), Terry Graham (University of Guelph), Patrice Brassard (Laval University), Phillip Gardiner (University of Manitoba)