We are looking for volunteers for a study on exercise during pregnancy. We are exploring how exercise during pregnancy affects the placenta, as this is currently unknown. We are not expecting women to change their behavior at all.

We are looking for women who participate in all different levels of exercise during their pregnancy, from casually active women (e.g. walking the dog) to highly physically active women.


  • Less than 28 weeks into pregnancy
  • No twins or multiples
  • Delivering in the Ottawa area

The study involves 2 visits to CHEO (~1hour each):

First Visit:

  • Fasting blood sample
  • Measuring your height and weight
  • A series of questionnaires

Second Visit:

  • A low impact fitness test on a treadmill
  • Wearing a physical activity monitor
  • A 3 day dietary record

When you give birth, we will take small samples of cord blood and placental tissue.

For more information in regards to this project, please contact Kendra Brett
(613) 737-7600 ext. 4191