An exciting opportunity to participate in research at the CHEO Research Institute!

Do you want to improve you running endurance with a novel training technique?

We are studying the effects of running training in females.

What is the study about?

  • Assessing the effects of 8 weeks of running training with prescription based on the cardiac response (i.e., heart rate variability) measured before the training session
  • We want to help you improve your aerobic fitness and running performance

What is expected of participants?

  • Women aged 18-35 years selected on a first come/first served basis
  • Visits will last approximately one hour
  • We will work with your schedule (ie, participants can come in for their assessments when they are free during the afternoon or evening)
  • We will measure heart rate variability and running speed
  • This is a simple, non-invasive study

What will you receive for participating?

  • Will be given the results of your physical tests pre and post intervention with no costs
  • Free consultations with an exercise physiologist
  • A better lifestyle as a result of your improved fitness after the study

For more information please contact:

Danilo da Silva:

Dr. Zach Ferraro:

Dr. Kristi Adamo: