On Friday November 15th, Dr. Richard Larouche made a speech on behalf of the HALO group at the city of Ottawa Transportation Committee meeting focusing on the city’s Transportation Master Plan. He expressed the support of the HALO group for the adoption of a Complete Streets policy that would require that transportation planners and engineers design the entire street network for all road users, and not only for car drivers.

Such a policy should help to provide more transportation options to children, youth and the elderly. The Transportation Master Plan also proposes new walking and cycling infrastructure and the development of a light rail transit network.

Dr. Larouche also encouraged the city to set more ambitious targets for increasing the use of sustainable travel modes (i.e. walking, cycling and public transit).

The complete speech is available in French at cyclorevolution.blogspot.ca/2013/11/discours-au-comite-des-transports.html